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Arts : Shiri Achu hits Jamaica for #38InPrint


Press release

Walk Good: From Africa to the world, Visions of the motherland.
38 InPrint an art Exhibition by International artist Shiri Achu.

Come home to a place you’ve never been on Friday the 25th of August.  Please join us for 38InPrint, an art exhibition by international Cameroonian artist Shiri Achu. The 38 piece collection of Limited Edition Prints will be on display until the 8th of September at the University of the West Indies, Vice Chancellor building, Kingston Jamaica. The fourth of the InPrint series will run for two weeks with viewings Monday – Saturday from 9am – 6:00pm.  Shiri’s Limited Edition Prints have been exhibited far and wide, in places such as Australia, London, America and Barcelona, to name a few.

When her work was chosen as D.C.’s Artomatic top 10 in 2016, art critic Lennox Campello said of her work “Powerful African Art in a marriage of contemporary skills with strong African imagery”.  Her original painting, Midnight Tradition is also being raffled off to aid in the completion of the schoolhouse project. The painting has been valued at $10,000 USD and was selected as a Finalist for the Clifton’s Art Prize 2012, in Adelaide/Australia. Proceeds will go to the ^Raise the Roof^ Campaign, which seeks to build a roof for a school house in Cameroon.

With a depth of brightness and attention to tone and hue that lay in the grooves of her dreamlike brushwork, Shiri Achu’s paintings invokes the feeling of memory eschewing ideas of past or present. Her work showcases the simplicity of everyday life throughout the continent of Africa. She traces the paths of current day Africa for herself as well as for those in the Diaspora. A  Nomad like many of African descent, Shiri understands the complexity of concepts such as home, culture and identity for those outside of their homeland. Her art is as much for Africans as it is about them, no matter where around the world they may lay their heads.
With this 38InPrint exhibition, Shiri reaches into the diaspora to create a dialogue with her Jamaican cousins, the fruits of her taken ancestors.  She wants to bring them home and leave each and every visitor with a piece of Africa to carry in their hearts and hopefully in their hands.
Born in Cameroon and educated in Architecture in London, Shiri has been an artist in some form her whole life and sees no end those endeavours. Her prints are available at The National Museum of African Art, a branch of the famed Smithsonian Institute, on her website, as well as various places online. Shiri Achu currently resides in America in the D.C. area.
For more information please view the attached press kit. To contact us call Miranda: (876) 476-9898 or Jamel: (876)278-5027. Or email us at  You can find Shiri on FB, Instagram and twitter @shiriachart or online at her website
NB : 
38InPrint:JAMAICA follows;
35InPrint: LONDON which took place from 19th – 25th April 2014 at The Strand Gallery in central London
36InPrint: DC which took place from 5th – 14th May 2016 at Gallery A in Central Washington DC
37InPrint: AUS which took place from 14th July – 23rd July at Mama Jambo in Australia.

This exhibition will sustain the ^raise the roof^ campaign in Cameroon.  We plead on you to make it possible for these children to have a roof in their school so they can further their education.

To participate you need to buy a ticket first. The raffle draw will take place on Friday 8th September 2017, on the last day of her upcoming exhibition 38InPrint which will be held Jamaica. You can find more about the campaign here. You can become a part of a simple solution to a big problem for children who only want to learn. Access the raffle here      
This is what you get to win!!!!!


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